2020 Alabama Conference


The 2020 Alabama Conference and Show are in the books, and what a wonderful experience it was.  I would first like to say thank you to our membership for the support and commitment during such a difficult year. One thing about Alabama Auctioneers is that when they are faced with uncertainty, each one rises to the occasion and responds accordingly.  The original conference was canceled, but with the leadership of President Shaun Dalton, Executive Director Cali Crissup, and the association board, a new conference date was scheduled in Birmingham to reduce the amount of travel and expense on our members during this challenging time.  During our conference, we had some wonderful speakers that shared so much knowledge, and the networking was top-notch.  Our new Executive Director, Cali Crissup, provided a well-organized conference.  She also introduced the idea of having a hospitality suite where networking and friendships were established that will pay dividends for a lifetime.  I would like to personally thank each member or company that sponsored this conference.  Without our attendees and sponsors, it would be impossible to continue doing the work of the association.  Due to the past leadership setting a solid foundation, I believe our association is moving in the right direction to provide the best value to each of our members.  Your new 2020-2021 Board of Directors is working on association revenue options, planning a great conference for 2021, and finding ways the build each of us as Auctioneers. We welcome your ideas and feedback.  Your board is engaging in conversation about how to improve the auction industry and provide ways of giving back to our membership.

 In closing, several years ago I took several trips to a poor region of Africa.  What I noticed was the people there couldn’t plan for the future because they were fighting to survive and couldn’t look into the future beyond the next day.  In America, we look to next year or maybe five years down the road, but we really don’t set goals beyond that.  As we look to 2021, let’s set long-term career goals and determine what we must do in five years from now to make that long-term goal?  What must we do each year to reach that five-year goal?  What must we do monthly to make the year goal? And lastly, what must we do every day to make that monthly goal?  By setting our daily, monthly, yearly, and five-year goals, we will be able to reach that long-term goal. The perfect way to start is by being active in your state and national association, learn all you can from the ones before us and work every day to better than the day prior.  As a successful auctioneer, you will make a difference in so many lives in the future and our Association wants to partner with helping you do that very thing.   Let’s make a difference together.

Nathaniel Frederick, President
Alabama Auctioneers Association

Grand Champion

3rd Place: Aaron Maye, 2nd Place: Jay Cash, Champion: Dustin Bradford

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